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November 4th, 2012

Stroke of Luck – Anderson Laing

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Our Club’s Secretary’s son, Tim Swain, who works for RBS in Dubai, recently attended a course held by Anderson Laing. Anderson Laing are a top company in the field of development programmes, coaching and research.

Thanks to the bright idea of course leaders, David Cannon, John Pringle,  Gillian Cribbs, Helene Kydd and Hannah Greenwood of Anderson Laing, a raffle was held for the participants.

This was a raffle with a difference as the participants nominated  a charity of their choice to win all the donations.

On this occasion, Tim Swain, was the lucky winner and his charity choice was our Club.  We received a donation of £280.

What a marvellous way of fund raising.

We are very grateful to Tim, all the participants and Anderson Laing.

Thank you.